Using MnLINK:

Please note the following if you plan to place a request on MnLINK:

  1. Search the Viking Library System catalog first. You will get the item you want much more quickly if it is from a VLS Member Library, because of our internal delivery system. You need only use the "significant digits" of your patron barcode (the numbers after all of the zeroes).
  2. The default for your pickup location for items requested on the VLS catalog is the library where you got your card. If you want to pick it up somewhere else please choose a different location from the drop-down menu.
  3. If VLS does not have the item you want, then search MnLINK:
    1. Since you have already searched the catalog for Viking Library System, you can remove the check in the box in front of it.
    2. Select which libraries in the state you want to search. You may want to search only public or only academic libraries, depending on what you are looking for.
    3. You must use all 14 digits of your VLS patron barcode to sign into MnLINK.
    4. When you find the item you want to request from MnLINK, click on the "Get It!" button. The information for the item you want automatically fills the form YOU MUST CHOOSE the pick-up location within Viking Library System so we know where the item needs to go when it comes into our office. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.
    5. You can track the progress of your requests by logging into MnLINK and selecting “My Requests” from the bar on the left.
  4. PLEASE NOTE: there are libraries in Minnesota, including some in Viking Library System, that do not lend such items as current best sellers or DVDs. The VLS catalog should give you an immediate message that the item is not available, but MnLINK will not.

If you have questions, please contact VLS at 218/739-5286, or email Nancy Alsop.

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